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Funding for Japan Module prototype provided by:

  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • The Japan Iron and Steel Federation and Mitsubishi Endowments of the University of Pittsburgh
  • The Freeman Foundation
  • The Asian Studies Center of the University of Pittsburgh

Faculty Developers:

  • Steering Committee (and Contributors)
  • J. Thomas Rimer (co-chair)
  • L. Keith Brown (co-chair)
  • Akiko Hashimoto
  • Hiroshi Nara
  • Richard J. Smethurst

Project Managers:

  • Brenda G. Jordan
  • Jennifer Murawski
  • Michele Ferrier Heryford 

Faculty Contributors:

  • Andrew N. Weintraub
  • Ann Jannetta
  • Bell Yung
  • Brenda G. Jordan
  • David Mills
  • Davis B. Bobrow
  • Evelyn S. Rawski  
  • Gail Benjamin
  • Helen Hopper
  • Karen Gerhart
  • Katherine Carlitz
  • Keiko McDonald
  • Linda Penkower
  • Mae Smethurst
  • Sachie Noguchi
  • Tom Rawski

Essay Contributors:

  • Abby Margolis
  • Akiko Hashimoto
  • Amanda Robinson
  • Andrew Reed Hall
  • Andrew N. Weintraub
  • Ann Jannetta
  • Bell Yung
  • Benjamin Pachter
  • Brenda Jordan
  • Constantine Vaporis
  • David Kenley
  • Davis B. Bobrow
  • Evelyn S. Rawski
  • Gail Benjamin
  • Helen M. Hopper
  • Hiroshi Nara
  • J. Thomas Rimer
  • John Skutlin
  • Karen M. Gerhart
  • Keiko I. McDonald
  • L. Keith Brown
  • Mae J. Smethurst (1935-2019)
  • Martha Chaiklin
  • Paul H. Clark
  • Rachael Hutchinson
  • Richard J. Smethurst
  • Susan Napier
  • Titus North
  • Torquil Duthie
  • William M. Tsutsui

High School Curriculum Integration Contributors

  • Steven Baleno 

Urban Metamorphosis: One Hundred Views of New Tokyo

  • J. Thomas Rimer, Author

Staff Contributors:

  • Mark Weixel
  • Deborah Werntz

Graduate Students:

  • I-Ling Cheng
  • Michael Walter
  • Mike Walters
  • Minjung Kim
  • Sawa Omori
  • Shewta Majumdar

Special Contribution:

  • Peter Zhou, Director of the East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley
  • Sachie Noguchi, Japanese Bibliographer, East Asian Library, University of Pittsburgh
  • Steven Curran
  • Jessica Choi

Editorial Assistants:

  • Dr.Nyri Bakalian
  • Matthew Kizior
  • Gabrielle Lee
  • Stephen Wludarski

Photographer Contributors:

  • Main Interface: Helen Hopper; Zachary Correa
  • Urban Metamorphosis: Black and white photos of Tokyo (1923 and 1945) courtesy of the archives of the Mainichi Newspaper, Japan
  • Jeffrey Levick (photographs listed as "J.L."; all photos available under a Creative Commons licenses, see individual photographs for details)  
  • Ken Vickery (photographs listed as "K.V."; all photos used with permission, copyright Ken Vickery)


  • One Hundred Views of New Tokyo woodblock prints: Used with permission from the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA. Bequest of Dr. James B. Austin. All rights reserved.  See individual entries for further details.

Music (for introduction):

  • San Jose Taiko
  • Album info: thank for museum clips
  • Kazue Sawai plays Y’uji Takahashi:  The Wind is Calling Me Outside, Track 4: Horses Heads were Toward Eternity (1988); koto.  ALM Records, Tokyo p. 1990.  All rights reserved.

Map of Tokyo c. 1936

  • Used with permission from the University of California, Berkeley, Earth Sciences and Map Library; John A. Creaser, Director

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