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Chiba Tetsuya

(1939- ). Manga artist. Made his professional comic debut at 17. His first series, Mama no Violin (Mama's Violin), appeared in 1958 in a girls magazine. In the sixties, he switched to making comics for boys, a genre in which he soon excelled. He created Chikaino Makyu (The Promised Pitch), a baseball story scripted by Kazuya Fukumoto. Other series soon followed: Shidenkai no Taka (1963, Falcon of Shidenkai), Harizu no Kaze (1965, The Sensational Harris), and Ashita no Jo (1968, Tomorrow's Joe). This last series, written by Asao Takamori, dealt with a tragic boxing hero. Tetsuya Chiba proved himself a master of sports stories, and has made comics about sumo wrestlers, golf, and kendo. (from the Lambiek Comiclopedia © 1994-2006 Lambiek,

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