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(1939- ). Kabuki actor. Ichikawa Ennosuke III made his stage debut in 1946. Although his grandfather and father were kabuki actors, Ennosuke's childhood was focused on education rather than performing. He graduated with honors from Keio University, being one of the few kabuki actors to gain a college education. Both his father and grandfather died in 1963, causing the young actor great hardship. When none of the kabuki companies would accept him as a member, he was forced to become independent. Today he directs his own company and works with his brother, Ichikawa Danshiro IV. He is always exploring new territory and is well-known for his spectacular and popular productions known as Super Kabuki which emphasizes high energy acting, stage tricks, and dramatic sets. (from Samuel L. Leiter. New Kabuki Encyclopedia. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1997. p. 193)

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