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national anthem

Japan's national anthem is entitled "Kimigayo" ("Imperial Reign" or "His Majesty's Reign"). It is one of the world's shortest national anthems in current use. The lyrics are based on a waka poem from the 10th century, sung to a melody composed by Hayashi Hiromori in 1880. Although Kimigayo has long been treated as Japan's defacto national anthem, it was only legally recognized as such in 1999 with the passing of the Law Concerning the National Flag and Anthem.

Lyrics                                     Translation

Kimi ga yo wa                     May your reign

chiyo ni                               Continue for a thousand years

Yachiyo ni                           For eternity

Sazare ishi no                      Until pebbles

Iwao to narite                      Grow into boulders 

Koke no musu made          Covered in moss

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