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parasite singles

(parasaito singuru). A Japanese term for people who live with their parents until their late twenties or early thirties in order to enjoy a carefree and comfortable life. The expression was first used by sociologist Masahiro Yamada in his bestselling book Parasaito shinguru no jidai (1999, The Age of Parasite Singles). The phrase quickly found its way into the media and is now a well-known expression in Japan. Yamada subsequently coined the related term "parasite couple" to refer to married children living with the parents of one partner. Parasite singles are often blamed for a large number of problems in Japan including the declining birth rate, the rising average age of marriage, and the increase in crime. However, many people feel that young adults have no option but to become parasite singles given the difficulties of the current economic situation, especially the notoriously high cost of housing. (from Wikipedia)

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