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(lit. Teaching of Divine Reason; also known as Tenri). A religion of Japanese Shinto origin with some Buddhist influence. It was founded by a female peasant, Nakayama Miki, who underwent revelatory experiences from 1838 onwards. Tenrikyo is estimated to have about 2 million followers world-wide with 1.5 million of those in Japan. The focus of the religion is to attain yoki yusan, the 'joyous life', on Earth through charity and abstention from greed, selfishness, hatred, anger and arrogance. Adherents believe in a single god, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto ("Divine King of Heavenly Reason") who is defined as the creator and caring parent of all mankind. Tenrikyo teachings, despite emphasising group effort, allow for a significant degree of individuality among different followers - differences are seen as complementary, and the overall organisation is subdivided into many different groups with common goals but differing focus. These range from different regional Daikyokai (lit. Great Teaching Groups), to disaster relief corps, medical staffs and a hospital, a university, an extensive museum, one of the largest libraries in Japan, various schools and several others. While Tenrikyo may be considered a religion, it is considered by some followers as a teaching about the universe and does not necessarily interfere with other religious beliefs. It is quite normal for a Tenrikyo follower to also be a Christian, for example. However Tenrikyo is antagonistic towards other major Buddhist sects that it considers "rivals," such as Nichiren-shū and the Soka Gakkai. (from Wikipedia)

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